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Anon 4 years ago
This can not be healthy anymore, not mentally or physically. These girls should seek some psychiatric help.
And i should stop fapping to this shit. ._.
Wow 5 years ago
That was actually sorta horrifying
marty 3 years ago
My girlfriend walked in on the part where she was drinking her ass from the straw. she said. "is that what your into"? I paused …… as if maybe i should say "yes?" then she slapped me before I could even answer. and now I know that I will never be able to get my girlfriend to do that. much less even ever watch a porno ever again.....
Seth 5 years ago
What a new low. Fuck
Fuck that 5 years ago
Is this horrifying human experiments
Analloversin 5 years ago
Whats that liquid they use ?
Fap booi101 3 years ago
I don’t think that is good for her I mean she literally like made the inside pop out putting all that loob in her ass and coming out her mouth, they problably should get that checked out , but I still faped to it tho
Yea, 5 years ago
She doesn't have a drug problem.....
Irish 3 years ago
Pretty sick shit and not to mention the fucking diapers these sick fuck chicks will be wearing the rest of their lives because their asshole muscle is done , and the health problems down the road and short life spans , because of all the internal damage that is being done ..................
Brittany Paige 4 years ago
I smoked meth with Brittany Paige and she told me all these hoes are on dope when they cut scenes like this